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How to Execute a Successful Office Move


A properly planned office move can help minimize downtime, ensure office furniture is safely assembled, and keep your business operational with little disruption. A proper budget and list of resources is a major factor in a successful office move. Some other factors to consider include: deciding on a new location, transferring employees, moving supplies, and deciding who is skilled enough to dismantle and reassemble all your expensive office furniture. If you are planning your office move on your own, then this brief guide will help lead you to success.


Staying on Budget

A large move can lead to many additional charges that you did not anticipate such as items that you forgot to purchase. Other times, additional charges appear because of items becoming damaged or broken as a result of untrained individuals trying to dismantle or move them which may mean more money out of your pocket. Create an inventory of all the items you are moving to avoid disappointment and ensure that you will remain on budget. Also, ensure that you hire a company that has the proper equipment, insurance, and tools to provide you with a positive move experience.


Utilizing all Resources

You must have a proper list of resources at your disposal in order to complete your office move successfully and seamlessly. Some of these resources can include: a moving company with a suitable sized truck, qualified and certified staff, proper equipment and the right liability insurance. Consolidated Office Installation Services has all of these resources wrapped up into one company and also has several different plans and options that can work to make sure your office move fits your budget. Also, Consolidated Office Installation Services always delivers an unparalleled level of customer service, resources, and quality to every one of its valued customers. Who better to trust with the disassembly and reassembly of your office furniture than the specialists!


At Consolidated Office Installation Services our core principle is to provide all of our clients with accurate estimates, and a quick and seamless transition during their office move. Our staff members are even trained in regards to specific brands through each brand’s training workshops.

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