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Our employees have the experience and expertise to perform qualified installations of office furniture.



We specialize in assembly and installation of most furniture manufacturers including:



Training is an important component of our office move executions. It is equally important when it comes to learning the composition of different manufacturer’s products. Our employees attend company specific training and certification sessions. These courses equip our staff with current and detailed knowledge of specific company designs and set-ups to ensure a smooth and efficient installation for our clients.


Why is this Important?

It is important for our office moving staff to be knowledgeable in different manufacturers and their brands of furniture because it allows for:

  • Furniture to remain undamaged
  • Quick disassembly and reassembly
  • A smooth office move



Consolidated Office Installation Services does not sell or endorse the products listed above. Manufacturers’ websites, photos, and information are listed to illustrate products and systems our installation teams have experience with. We offer installation, transportation, warehousing, and corporate relocation services. We are the installers. For more information on any of the products listed above, please contact your furniture dealer.