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Impress Your Boss with These Budget Saving Office Installation Tips


Moving an office can be a stressful task. There are many different steps involved including planning, budgeting, and moving bulky and expensive furniture. Here are some time and cost saving tips to keep you in your boss’ good books.


1. Create a detailed budget

An office move can make or break your budget. By creating a budget in advance you can show your boss installation and transportation costs so s/he can make faster, more informed decisions. Your biggest costs may be the moving and installation of the furniture. A professional office furniture installation company can save you time by performing the above. Taking the initiative and showing your boss where they can save money will impress them!


2. Create an inventory list of all of your office furniture

Keeping an inventory list and knowing what you are going to purge is extremely helpful and important during an office move. You can turn to this list to help plan your moving budget and you can also consult it after your move to ensure all your items have made it to your new office. An inventory list is also a good way to sort through all the furniture in your office with your boss and determine what has value, and what does not. If you do not have the time to do this, Consolidated Office Installation Services can perform and compile this inventory list for you! This added step will surely impress any boss.


3. Dispose of unwanted items

Companies like Consolidated Office Installation Services have a disposal service that can take care of all of your unwanted furniture. Disposing of unwanted furniture yourself could take hours or even days depending on the size of your office. We suggest having a professional estimator come in, look over the items being moved, and then compile a comprehensive list for you of what is being kept and what is not. This suggestion will surely impress your boss!


4. Find out if your building has an elevator or access to a large door

Elevators are extremely important during a building office move. Access to a large door is equally important for ground floor office moves. The reason for this is that bulky furniture can be difficult to carry and fit down a flight of stairs or through a small doorway. Being aware of this ahead of time can prevent mistakes such as equipment or furniture not fitting out of the building. Planning ahead for your office move will impress your boss! Note: If an elevator is necessary, ensure that you have booked it ahead of time for the day of your move.


5. Hire a professional office moving and office furniture installation company

A detailed walk-through with an expert that knows what they are doing can minimize extra costs. It is still, however, important to find out what furniture the company you are looking to hire specializes in installing. At Consolidated Office Installation Services, our office installation team is experienced and trained in the disassembly and reassembly of several of the major brands of office furniture. Doing your research and selecting a professional office furniture installation company will impress your boss.


Ultimately, the best way to impress your boss is to finish your office move on time, and on budget.

To learn more, and begin planning your office installation with Consolidated Office Installation Services, contact us today!

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